Brand Activations:

BrandRocket is the answer to optimising any brand’s target-audience reach.


Providing both social-media and print-media brand marketing, we are the key to unlocking the door between brand and consumer, creating a freely flowing  discourse that leaves a lasting impact on the mind.


We “imprint” your brand onto the consumers mind!

Shopping Mall Activations:

Shopping Mall activations are our specialty. Malls see very high volumes and BrandRocket has committed to keeping up with the pace, and has done so many times in the past.


The BrandRocket photo booths guarantee a sharp spike in social-media reach, quickly multiplying your anticipated foot-traffic and keeping up with the demand print for print.

Corporate Events:

Sometimes the idea is to create and strengthen bonds between colleagues and staff members.


What better way is there to do so than shared memories and victories to help them relate to one another?


We have the large BrandRocket and smaller MiniRocket which can be used at team-building ventures, year-end functions, award ceremonies, conferences and gala dinners.


Accompanying you on your quest to bring co-workers closer together, increasing team morale; with pictures to prove it!

Store Launches:

When people attach positive memories to your store, they are likely to return.


BrandRocket guarantees this fact by attaching your name to the memories they have captured and shared on social media.


Our Hashtag printing devices allow us to directly pull images from Instagram and Twitter that have been uploaded using your specific Hashtag.


Each polaroid comes with your specific branding at the bottom.


Long after the launch is over, your name is passively and actively associated with the good time you showed them.

Bespoke Events:

There are moments that we can live but once. These are the moments we tend to forever enjoy reliving in a nostalgic rush.


Let us help you capture these moments, through everyone’s eyes.


Whether it be a baptism, birthday party, graduation or wedding we can help capture these moments from the perspective of everyone attending, seeing the whole experience as it is; a joyous occasion!


This is all made easier using our WhatsApp and Hashtag printing devices. Book yours now!

Charity Events:

BrandRocket believes that every smile is priceless. In pursuit of this belief BrandRocket gives back where they can by sponsoring charity events and helping change the world one moment and smile at a time.


We help create memories that feed the soul and keep the beacon of hope shining, forever captured in a personal “photo-booth”polaroid!


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