What is BrandRocket?

WE FACILITATE CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA. BrandRocket offers South Africas first automated hashtag printing Kiosk. It’s one thing talking about your brand on social media, it’s another thing getting your consumers to talk about you. BrandRocket offers a unique solution to incentivise your consumers to promote your business or products on Instagram and twitter. This in turn creates an impression on their followers and has an exponential reach.…it’s a photo booth in your pocket.

Are We Limitted to a Number of Prints?

Prints are unlimited and guests will be able to print as many social media photos as they wish!

What Cities do you Service?

We are currently based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We will be launching a division in Durban within the year.

What Size Are the prints?

Our standard print size is 4×6 inches.

Can We Customise Our Prints?

Absolutely! Our social printing templates are designed with your brand bible in mind.

Should We Let Our Guest Know the HashTag Before Hand?

Yes Definitely! We can even load up images that have been snapped and tagged prior to the activation on our social printing kiosk.

What Do You Need to Setup at My Event?

A standard electrical outlet, a 1 metre square space.

What If My Event is Outdoors?

Our T&C state that our machines need to be kept out of the harsh elements. Please provide a canopy shade cover so that the screen is easier to interact with. Since we use High-Definition industrial touch screen monitors, our social printing kiosks do function perfectly outdoors. Our machines can not be left out over night due to damp air and theft.

What Happens if My Event is Locationed Somewhere With Poor Cellular Reception?

We have a special connection built into the social hashtag printing kiosk. However, we can not ensure your guests are able to post. We can not be held liable for poor 3g cellular reception.

Do You Moderate the Photos?

Brandrocket cannot be held responsible for images taken by the event host and/or guests. Our social printing machines are fully automated.

What If My Guest Don't Get it?

We can offer a trained Brand Communicator – BC’s – on site to assist guests through the process or any technical issues they may have. Instructions are displayed on the standby screen and we have noticed customers happily assist each other with the simple process of selecting their photo on the touch screen. A call to action with the event #hashtag will be printed on the magnetic vinyl, clearly visible on the social printing machine.

Instagram and Twitter Privacy

Guests must have their privacy preference selected as public for their Instagram and Twitter photos to be downloaded. It is uncommon for a user to have high privacy settings but it does happen. We can not guarantee 100% delivery of images. Twitter has certain API search priorities in place which mean some tweets may not comes through. With Instagram however, a failed post is always profile privacy related. “Twitter doesn’t guarantee that it will included everyone’s tweets in the search API”.

Will There Be BrandRocket Staff at the Event?

BrandRocket is an automated unmanned hashtag social printing kiosk. Therefore, we do not by default supply staffing. There is an option within the booking form to have an outsourced promoter (Brand Communicators) present at your event. The machine has a simple touch screen interface which is user friendly.


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