March 23, 2015 BrandRocket


Set on the West Coast Ostrich Ranch, one of the better venues in Cape Town.  A wonderful gathering place for party goers and friends, enjoying great music and being blessed with a gorgeous view of our South African sky. The BrandRocket team arrived early in the day to set up and be ready for the excited guests who would be arriving throughout the day.

The team who set up the design of the stage did a fantastic job giving the feel of a holiday cabin style party. I personally loved the food stalls that were present keeping everyone nicely fed.
BrandRocket worked with Huawei to provide party goers with the chance to capture their beautiful happy moments through Instagram and twitter a reality, with friends and give them the opportunity to leave with a memory printed for them by BrandRocket.

BrandRocket used social printing to its maximum capacity to give social printing the best chance to keep smiles on guest’s faces.

The music never ends!

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