August 28, 2017 james black

NSBC #mybizexpo

From the High-way the only conspicuous thing about the building was the bold writing |CTICC|. The rain was drizzling softly, the only signs of life vacantly occupied in their slow-moving vehicles. Deep inside the CTICC however was a huge bustle and buzz. Exhibitionists from all walks in the business world were setting up and getting ready for what promised to be a busy day of exchanging conversation and information on small business.

BrandRocket – Whatsapp & hashtag printing

BrandRocket was there; both occupying their own exhibition space and the general floor, to give full social media coverage of the momentous event. The BrandRocket exhibit displayed both the larger photobooth which is perfect for large activations and the brand-new, sleek and compact
Mini-Rocket, which is perfect for smaller events. The BrandRocket Photobooths soon transferred the buzz inside the building, outside. Those inside were following the BrandRocket instruction to upload their cellphone pictures using the NSBC Expo hashtag to get their free branded polaroid print-outs.  BrandRocket are a leading innovator in the Hashtag-printing industry, they are the first Photobooth in the world to offer Whatsapp as an upload medium, as well as the usual Instagram and Twitter Hashtag.

The Expo – #MyBizExpo

The hashtag for the expo was #mybizexpo, and before long the hubbub was so great on social media that people were coming from far and wide to be a part of the festivities. As the crowds gathered outside, the NSBC Exhibition was well under way, the building steadily filling to capacity. An infectiously positive energy pervaded the air, creating an atmosphere ideal for the flowing conversation and banter typical of business and marketing minds.

The stage saw and heard leading business experts and specialists, who were more than willing to share the knowledge and experience they have gathered over the years, to a rapt crowd of small-business owners; new and old.

As Mike Anderson; the founder and CEO of NSBC, has said, every side of the event creates the perfect stage to gain valuable and practical insights to grow, learn, connect and network. His words couldn’t have been truer. All the while, every attendee was delighted to receive their free polaroid print-outs from the BrandRocket Photobooths. All they had to do was take pictures on their cell-phones and upload. The event was trending on Social Media as a result and everyone received their free branded mementos hassle-free.

The day was a success and victory for everyone involved. BrandRocket, NSBC, the exhibitors and attendees. BrandRocket cannot wait to be a part of the next one!


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