Instagram and Twitter wall activation – VW

BrandRocket supplied wall templates for our Instagram and Twitter photo booths to built into the activation space at the launch of the new VW in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The kiosk becomes apart of the bigger set, its call to action was a complete wall installation with photo set.

We have complete documentation and measurement guides for creating something unique at your brand activations, a new mechanic by using our Social media Photo booths.

We recently launched our new software, built in partnership with local app developers, or software allows people to print off Whatsapp.

It was designed with African continent in mind. With a varied degree of demographics and limited internet connectivity, we wanted to offer our service to everyone, no matter their age, social media usage or device type.

Whatsapp, being a native app on most phones these days, seemed like the perfect platform to facilitate printing from any cellphone directly to a photo booth.

It was launched as the worlds first Whatsapp photo booth and remains Africa’s first and only Whatsapp photo booth operating nationally in South Africa.

Whether you are looking for a hashtag social printing photo booth or something cutting edge, Whatsapp printing, we are always looking to innovate and supply quality service.


For budget photo booths aimed at small pop up activations, we partnered with The operating in Cape Town and Durban, KZN for the moment. The Instabooth photo booth services weddings, small events, birthdays and mall activations offering the same mechanic as BrandRocket built into a mini compact modern design.

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