March 15, 2017 BrandRocket

Expresso Show

BrandRocket™ joined the Expresso show on their Trends Talk segment as South Africa’s trending hashtag printing service.

Director/CEO and Founder, Stu Shapiro and Logistics Manager Moegammad Isaac presented our large BrandRocket™ kiosk as well as our sister company, Instabooth.

Stu handled the interview with power with presenters Ewan Strydom and Zoe Brown. While Moegammad demonstrated the social hashtag printing service via Instagram and Twitter. #ExpressoShow


The BrandRocket™ Kiosk handles high volumes of guests:

– High speed printing.
– No staffing required.
– Offers auto print and manual selection.
– Full kiosk magnetic branding.
– Branded polaroid prints.

The Instabooth | MiniRocket caters for more intimate crowds, aimed at weddings and in store promotions:

– Africa’s first and only Whatsapp photo booth
– Staff member included.
– Offers auto print and manual selection.
– Unique sized polaroid prints.
– Branded polaroid prints.

Our kiosks are ready to receive your hash tagged Instagram and Twitter prints live from anywhere, no matter where you are in the world.

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