November 5, 2014 BrandRocket

Explainer Video

The making of: The BrandRocket Twitter and Instagram Explainer Video.


What an exhilarating feeling. The first promotional BrandRocket social printing explainer video is done and dusted. I have an urge to snap a selfie.

The aim here is to show the consumer journey, revealing how the BrandRocket works its magic, incorporating the use of twitter and Instagram to #print social pictures!

The BrandRocket is similar to but not the same as your everyday photo booth. It is the next step!
The kiosk creates a bridge between big brands and consumers. This connection allows brands to show appreciation of the consumer and rewards them for their loyalty. A randomized winning Instagram print was demonstrated using the Edwin Jeans winter promotion on social media to give a lucky consumer a coupon to use at their retail store.

All thanks to Cape Town’s best videographer, Dan the Director and his producer Michelle Burke for melting away the nerves. They worked with confidence, knowing what was needed for the perfect shot and executing brilliance.

Model, Lauren Raulstone is our star! Her talent brought our story to life. Her charisma emanated throughout the shoot.

Thanks are due to Edwin Jeans on Kloof Street for allowing us to use their gorgeous space and show off their real good quality clothing flirting with The BrandRocket kiosk.

Casa Nostra, the local Sea Point bar, was generous enough to offer us their bar to shoot in.

Interesting tip: Jeans are not meant to be washed to preserve the raw denim! How surprising!

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