October 31, 2017 james black

Ciroc Selfie-Printer Photo-booth

Picture white sand beaches, palm trees and a refreshing drink at your side, sounds heavenly, right? That’s the exact setting Ciroc created when they recently visited Cape Town to launch the new Ciroc flavour, Ciroc Mango. Ciroc Vodka added a twist and took to the skies, hosting a roof party in the heart of Cape Town, where only the invited few were permitted entry, and on that list, was none other than the BrandRocket Selfie-Printer Photo-booth.

Guests came onto this mystic beach on the roof, through a portal that threw flower necklaces around their necks, a glass of Ciroc’s cocktails into their hands and the cheery laugh of a vacationer into their bellies, effectively transporting them to their dream location. The setting was beautifully decorated with the colours and sounds of the beach, BrandRocket’s Selfie-Printer photo-booth fitting in perfectly with the aesthetics, donning Ciroc Vodka’s bold branding for all to see. BrandRocket is a leading pioneer in the photo-booth and self-printer industry. They are the first in the world to add WhatsApp Printing to their usual Social-Media and Hashtag Printing that incorporates both Instagram and Twitter. The BrandRocket Selfie-Printer photo-booth allows users to print high-quality, branded polaroid photos directly from their cell-phones using either Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp. To get their free branded polaroids, users simply had to use the hashtags of the night; #CirocMango and #OnArrival, when uploading onto Twitter or Instagram. The instruction was simple, Snap, Hashtag and Print.

As if the night wasn’t beautiful enough already, in walks the radiant Thando “Thabooty” Thabethe with the talented Cassper Nyovest to enrapture and entertain the gathering respectively. Thando Thabethe and Cassper Nyovest are both ambassadors for Ciroc, and were glad to be a part of the celebration. Cassper needed no coercion to get on stage and do a bit of what he is good at, while the lovely Thabooty walked about gracefully like the queen she is, drawing the eyes of all present, organic and mechanical. With the myriad requests for a selfie and group pictures made of Cassper and Thabooty, the BrandRocket selfie-printer photo-booth had to be quick to it, and was kept busy, producing its prints just as quickly as the eager gathering uploaded them. This was no sweat for the leading Hashtag Printer photo-booth, boasting a fully automated Hashtag and WhatsApp tracking system, that delivers results seamlessly, with no sweat.

Ciroc’s generosity was revealed in the merriment that abounded, all and sundry pleased with the new Ciroc Mango combination, even the slight bit of rain couldn’t put a wet blanket on the buzz of the night. Ciroc hosted a successful rooftop beach party that is sure to keep tongues wagging for quite some time and BrandRocket is glad to have been a part of the festivities.

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