October 20, 2017 BrandRocket

brandRocket in Milan and London


JP Morgan is listed as the sixth largest bank in the world, and the second most valuable in terms of assets. Anyone that is anyone knows exactly who JP Morgan Chase are and what they do, indeed many would do a lot for the opportunity to become a part of the success JP Morgan has seen as a leading global financial services firm, but many don’t know exactly how to position themselves for that opportunity.


JP Morgan wants not only the sharpest intellectual minds in their ranks, but also those who believe in the benefits of hard work. In pursuit of this JP Morgan began a recruitment roadshow that saw them visiting Universities and Colleges across Europe. They arrived on campuses bearing both good news and wholesome snacks; many will listen to a recruitment speech, but all enjoy a free snack, and that is exactly what JP Morgan delivered.


Smoothies were the order of the day, as free as can be with the option of choosing the contents yourself. BrandRocket accompanied JP Morgan to witness an exchange of ideas that sought a better future for all involved; and the enjoyment of an assortment of variously coloured juices. Young academics being as they are, the affair had a festive buzz, although the underlying tone of taking one’s career prospects seriously was still prevalent.


BrandRocket is a leader in the Hashtag-printing business, and the first in the world to offer WhatsApp printing. Their objective was simple, get as many students involved in the recruitment drive as possible while still giving them something to enjoy and laugh about that they can take home. That’s right, BrandRocket offers branded, high-quality, pocket-sized polaroid photos printed directly from anyone’s smart-phone. The idea is to energize the spirits and get tongues wagging on social media.


With JP Morgan Chase being bandied about on Instagram and twitter, it was only a matter of time before everyone knew what was going on and how to position themselves perfectly to partake in the prospects that JP Morgan offered. The hashtag of the day was #ItStartsHere, an apropos title for what sought to be an inspiring journey of helping youngsters discover and develop their true potentials.


Cell-phones snapped and flashed, BrandRocket keeping up with the pace of the financial discourse between the recruiters and students print for print. By the time each stop on the JP Morgan mission was concluded, what was left behind were youngsters with minds abuzz with thoughts of their futures and content hearts at the memory of the day that they can keep forever. BrandRocket is proud to be part of such an enriching initiative.


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