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BrandRocket Beginnings

BrandRocket™ Beginnings

Once upon a time a photographer named Stu Shapiro envisioned a special wedding present for a special wedding. It was unique in its design and build. Wired, programmed, cut and nailed in his lounge. Tools spread over floor to develop the catalyst of BrandRocket.

The photo booth was built using a rustic old door, a few brass odds and ends compiled with a creative outlook, photography expertise and fabrication of engineering and electronics.  It was the start of something great. Later a compact booth was taken through 8 countries in Africa on the Put foot ralley to capture the checkpoint events. Another was built to replicate a 1907 camera. And yet another was built for the Green Army men Military vehicle to gift at South Afrika’s beautiful Afrika Burn.
Stu is an internationally published professional Photographer, internationally experienced 3d animator, inventor and electronic enthusiast. He took on studio space to start refining his machine and ideas. In the back of his mind the idea of social printing became more prominent due to his exposure with brand activation photography.

The first BrandRocket social printing device was simply a laptop, wires and various parts on a table. This evolved to a wooden compact unit and then a perspex housing designed using his 3d animation skills. Stu went on to do a course in circuit programming and explored different technologies, available software and avenues. It took nearly two years for BrandRocket to become the machine it is today.

The idea of integrating past technology with new technology is something that has trended heavily in our modern, fast paced society. The Hashtag printing machine captures that by giving the nostalgic feel of having your own hashtag polaroid. One picture, one memory.

Instagram and twitter printing is the new form of an old idea. All ideas are connected. This event hashtag printing booth offers brands a way to tap into the social media market while giving the guests a tangible return in the form of a branded #picture.

From wires to wood, from perspex to metal, to the new modern ultra slim design. The BrandRocket has evolved to give the event, wedding, activation and retail industry a tested, robust and perfect solution for event hashtag printing for hire.

We are proud to be working with SA’s top industrial design company, a large national metal process line factory, a solid IT support company and of course the US software developer and commissioned Indian freelance micro software developers.

Still need more? Have a look at our hashtag printing explainer video

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  1. Johnny

    This is a great story. It is nice to see the history of how a business starts out and where they are today.

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