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Ciroc Selfie-Printer Photo-booth

Picture white sand beaches, palm trees and a refreshing drink at your side, sounds heavenly, right? That’s the exact setting Ciroc created when they recently visited Cape Town to launch the new Ciroc flavour, Ciroc Mango. Ciroc Vodka added a twist and took to the skies, hosting a roof party in the heart of Cape Town, where only the invited few were permitted entry, and on that list, was none other than the BrandRocket Selfie-Printer Photo-booth.

Guests came onto this mystic beach on the roof, through a portal that threw flower necklaces around their necks, a glass of Ciroc’s cocktails into their hands and the cheery laugh of a vacationer into their bellies, effectively transporting them to their dream location. The setting was beautifully decorated with the colours and sounds of the beach, BrandRocket’s Selfie-Printer photo-booth fitting in perfectly with the aesthetics, donning Ciroc Vodka’s bold branding for all to see. BrandRocket is a leading pioneer in the photo-booth and self-printer industry. They are the first in the world to add WhatsApp Printing to their usual Social-Media and Hashtag Printing that incorporates both Instagram and Twitter. The BrandRocket Selfie-Printer photo-booth allows users to print high-quality, branded polaroid photos directly from their cell-phones using either Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp. To get their free branded polaroids, users simply had to use the hashtags of the night; #CirocMango and #OnArrival, when uploading onto Twitter or Instagram. The instruction was simple, Snap, Hashtag and Print.

As if the night wasn’t beautiful enough already, in walks the radiant Thando “Thabooty” Thabethe with the talented Cassper Nyovest to enrapture and entertain the gathering respectively. Thando Thabethe and Cassper Nyovest are both ambassadors for Ciroc, and were glad to be a part of the celebration. Cassper needed no coercion to get on stage and do a bit of what he is good at, while the lovely Thabooty walked about gracefully like the queen she is, drawing the eyes of all present, organic and mechanical. With the myriad requests for a selfie and group pictures made of Cassper and Thabooty, the BrandRocket selfie-printer photo-booth had to be quick to it, and was kept busy, producing its prints just as quickly as the eager gathering uploaded them. This was no sweat for the leading Hashtag Printer photo-booth, boasting a fully automated Hashtag and WhatsApp tracking system, that delivers results seamlessly, with no sweat.

Ciroc’s generosity was revealed in the merriment that abounded, all and sundry pleased with the new Ciroc Mango combination, even the slight bit of rain couldn’t put a wet blanket on the buzz of the night. Ciroc hosted a successful rooftop beach party that is sure to keep tongues wagging for quite some time and BrandRocket is glad to have been a part of the festivities.

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Ninty9cents Disney product range lauch

A select few was the order of the day as Ackermans and 99Cents hosted a very private media day. 10 people in total attended, allowing for intimate conversation regarding the direction of the brand. The Marketing Manager of Ackermans was there to facilitate any asking of questions and lead the meeting of minds.

BrandRocket was invited to sit in, also showing off their brand new MiniRocket and adding to the stylish affair that was hosted at the trendy Square Café and Wine Bar. BrandRocket is a pioneer in the Hashtag printing industry and are the first in the world to offer WhatsApp printing.

Amidst the smells of good food and sounds of jovial laughter, much exchanging of ideas and description of prospective paths ensued. Business though it was, there was a social aspect to the gathering, and the invited guests couldn’t wait to engage with the MiniRocket to print the pictures they had taken on their cellphones and uploaded using the hashtag #ackmedia. Print after print kept the excitement high, elevating the energy of the gathering beyond the tedium of the ordinary meeting.

There were prizes to be won by the invited guests, winners were chosen based on the pictures they had uploaded and printed. Much work was done, and much fun was had. All in all it was a successful media day and BrandRocket is glad to have been a part of it.

brandRocket in Milan and London


JP Morgan is listed as the sixth largest bank in the world, and the second most valuable in terms of assets. Anyone that is anyone knows exactly who JP Morgan Chase are and what they do, indeed many would do a lot for the opportunity to become a part of the success JP Morgan has seen as a leading global financial services firm, but many don’t know exactly how to position themselves for that opportunity.


JP Morgan wants not only the sharpest intellectual minds in their ranks, but also those who believe in the benefits of hard work. In pursuit of this JP Morgan began a recruitment roadshow that saw them visiting Universities and Colleges across Europe. They arrived on campuses bearing both good news and wholesome snacks; many will listen to a recruitment speech, but all enjoy a free snack, and that is exactly what JP Morgan delivered.


Smoothies were the order of the day, as free as can be with the option of choosing the contents yourself. BrandRocket accompanied JP Morgan to witness an exchange of ideas that sought a better future for all involved; and the enjoyment of an assortment of variously coloured juices. Young academics being as they are, the affair had a festive buzz, although the underlying tone of taking one’s career prospects seriously was still prevalent.


BrandRocket is a leader in the Hashtag-printing business, and the first in the world to offer WhatsApp printing. Their objective was simple, get as many students involved in the recruitment drive as possible while still giving them something to enjoy and laugh about that they can take home. That’s right, BrandRocket offers branded, high-quality, pocket-sized polaroid photos printed directly from anyone’s smart-phone. The idea is to energize the spirits and get tongues wagging on social media.


With JP Morgan Chase being bandied about on Instagram and twitter, it was only a matter of time before everyone knew what was going on and how to position themselves perfectly to partake in the prospects that JP Morgan offered. The hashtag of the day was #ItStartsHere, an apropos title for what sought to be an inspiring journey of helping youngsters discover and develop their true potentials.


Cell-phones snapped and flashed, BrandRocket keeping up with the pace of the financial discourse between the recruiters and students print for print. By the time each stop on the JP Morgan mission was concluded, what was left behind were youngsters with minds abuzz with thoughts of their futures and content hearts at the memory of the day that they can keep forever. BrandRocket is proud to be part of such an enriching initiative.


NSBC #mybizexpo

From the High-way the only conspicuous thing about the building was the bold writing |CTICC|. The rain was drizzling softly, the only signs of life vacantly occupied in their slow-moving vehicles. Deep inside the CTICC however was a huge bustle and buzz. Exhibitionists from all walks in the business world were setting up and getting ready for what promised to be a busy day of exchanging conversation and information on small business.

BrandRocket – Whatsapp & hashtag printing

BrandRocket was there; both occupying their own exhibition space and the general floor, to give full social media coverage of the momentous event. The BrandRocket exhibit displayed both the larger photobooth which is perfect for large activations and the brand-new, sleek and compact
Mini-Rocket, which is perfect for smaller events. The BrandRocket Photobooths soon transferred the buzz inside the building, outside. Those inside were following the BrandRocket instruction to upload their cellphone pictures using the NSBC Expo hashtag to get their free branded polaroid print-outs.  BrandRocket are a leading innovator in the Hashtag-printing industry, they are the first Photobooth in the world to offer Whatsapp as an upload medium, as well as the usual Instagram and Twitter Hashtag.

The Expo – #MyBizExpo

The hashtag for the expo was #mybizexpo, and before long the hubbub was so great on social media that people were coming from far and wide to be a part of the festivities. As the crowds gathered outside, the NSBC Exhibition was well under way, the building steadily filling to capacity. An infectiously positive energy pervaded the air, creating an atmosphere ideal for the flowing conversation and banter typical of business and marketing minds.

The stage saw and heard leading business experts and specialists, who were more than willing to share the knowledge and experience they have gathered over the years, to a rapt crowd of small-business owners; new and old.

As Mike Anderson; the founder and CEO of NSBC, has said, every side of the event creates the perfect stage to gain valuable and practical insights to grow, learn, connect and network. His words couldn’t have been truer. All the while, every attendee was delighted to receive their free polaroid print-outs from the BrandRocket Photobooths. All they had to do was take pictures on their cell-phones and upload. The event was trending on Social Media as a result and everyone received their free branded mementos hassle-free.

The day was a success and victory for everyone involved. BrandRocket, NSBC, the exhibitors and attendees. BrandRocket cannot wait to be a part of the next one!


#SamsungGalaxy2017 Hashtag Printing

Were you there? Did you miss it?


Travelling faster than the speed of light, “shooting” stars took to the fields of Discovery Soccer Park, Johannesburg, to honour their ancient code; to pay homage to their passion. From far and wide they came, to compete for glory, to fulfill their love for the beautiful game.


BrandRocket was there from the beginning with the new Photo booth mechanic, helping to crystalize forever every moment of the event through Instagram Printing. Every single camera-phone present could capture the experience of the user, BrandRocket printing them instantly into polaroid form, using the social media Hashtag. Snap, hashtag and print, that simple.


Soccer was the word of the day, #galaxychallenge2017 the banner; carried atop the shoulders of legendary greats like Lucas Radebe, each and all employed their efforts to get that ball across the goal line. Meeting your dreams and heroes on the same day sounds like a fair prize for the price of all that sweat and tears. Not to mention getting an autographed BrandRocket snap with one of the greatest our country has produced.


Every goal meant more than a point on the board; the stakes were high, all in the name of charity. In fact, every goal scored represented R200, as the race was on to reach R75000. The Galaxy Challenge Cup has accumulated a whopping 536 goals worldwide, the dream is alive!


Dance weaved on and off the field; players dazzling the crowd with their skill, cheerleaders keeping up gracefully on the sidelines. Who was not entertained? What an experience to capture forever!


Win or lose, everyone is a champion with Samsung. Even the environment took home a win, as BrandRocket fulfilled their commitment to plant 3 trees every month.


Beauty meets precision. An entire galaxy of Samsung.


This unique brand activation service is available for Hire throughout South Africa. For smaller pop up brand events and Wedding photo booth activations, our sister company Instabooth.co.za has a miniRocket available for hire. Cost effective, compact, the future of event photo printing.

Instagram and Twitter wall activation – VW

BrandRocket supplied wall templates for our Instagram and Twitter photo booths to built into the activation space at the launch of the new VW in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The kiosk becomes apart of the bigger set, its call to action was a complete wall installation with photo set.

We have complete documentation and measurement guides for creating something unique at your brand activations, a new mechanic by using our Social media Photo booths.

We recently launched our new software, built in partnership with local app developers, or software allows people to print off Whatsapp.

It was designed with African continent in mind. With a varied degree of demographics and limited internet connectivity, we wanted to offer our service to everyone, no matter their age, social media usage or device type.

Whatsapp, being a native app on most phones these days, seemed like the perfect platform to facilitate printing from any cellphone directly to a photo booth.

It was launched as the worlds first Whatsapp photo booth and remains Africa’s first and only Whatsapp photo booth operating nationally in South Africa.

Whether you are looking for a hashtag social printing photo booth or something cutting edge, Whatsapp printing, we are always looking to innovate and supply quality service.


For budget photo booths aimed at small pop up activations, we partnered with The Instabooth.co.za. operating in Cape Town and Durban, KZN for the moment. The Instabooth photo booth services weddings, small events, birthdays and mall activations offering the same mechanic as BrandRocket built into a mini compact modern design.

BrandRocket Bookings
Instabooth Bookings


Transform Your Brand Into Something Spectacular

Magic happens when a brand becomes a buzzword. Picture your brand name buzzing around the globe, igniting global conversation. With BrandRocket you can make your brand the next big trending topic on social media.

Many pictures may come to mind when you envision brand awareness. We at BrandRocket™ picture brand awareness as the swarm of honey bees to a hive. Picture hundreds of thousands of bees heading straight for a hive. Your brand is the hive. The bees are your potential clients.

As each year passes, our world and the business world become more and more digital. For a business to thrive, it must spread its brand with creativity and innovation. BrandRocket™ can get your business there.

BrandRocket™ allows your business to create a Hashtag for your event. This feature enables attendees to upload photos to Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms, spreading your brand through the web. Additionally, event attendees can instantly print photos. Can you hear the honey bees coming?

Here at BrandRocket™, we want to help you launch your brand into world-wide awareness. We know social media can take you there; million of people log onto Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every day. At BrandRocket, we take advantage of the power of social media and harness it for the benefit of your brand. We think it’s high time for you to unleash the potential of your brand. Think BrandRocket™. Join the movement.

A strong brand acts as a promise. A promise kept will build loyalty, trust, and credibility with your clients.

Contact us here to book your machine and get the global conversation buzzing.

Expresso Show

BrandRocket™ joined the Expresso show on their Trends Talk segment as South Africa’s trending hashtag printing service.

Director/CEO and Founder, Stu Shapiro and Logistics Manager Moegammad Isaac presented our large BrandRocket™ kiosk as well as our sister company, Instabooth.

Stu handled the interview with power with presenters Ewan Strydom and Zoe Brown. While Moegammad demonstrated the social hashtag printing service via Instagram and Twitter. #ExpressoShow


The BrandRocket™ Kiosk handles high volumes of guests:

– High speed printing.
– No staffing required.
– Offers auto print and manual selection.
– Full kiosk magnetic branding.
– Branded polaroid prints.

The Instabooth | MiniRocket caters for more intimate crowds, aimed at weddings and in store promotions:

– Africa’s first and only Whatsapp photo booth
– Staff member included.
– Offers auto print and manual selection.
– Unique sized polaroid prints.
– Branded polaroid prints.

Our kiosks are ready to receive your hash tagged Instagram and Twitter prints live from anywhere, no matter where you are in the world.

The worlds first Whatsapp photo booth

We Love Hashtags – Event Hashtag Photo Printing

BrandRocket™ in conjunction with Instabooth has produced the worlds first whatsapp photo booth as an addition option to our Instagram and Twitter hashtag printing MiniRocket.

Using a custom code developed internally, we have created the first whatsapp server.

Guests attending an event will now be able to print photos by sending their picture via whatsapp. This new service stretches BrandRockets™ market beyond Instagram and Twitter. It fascilitates further reach of the south african population.

“its the perfect wedding photo booth solution” Olivia Coetzee

Are you an event planner looking for the next innovation of wedding technology?
Another proud innovation and development by BrandRocket™ Pty Ltd, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and London..

Houston…The MiniRocket has landed!

Close your eyes for a second and imagine your wedding day, your 21st birthday or the day your graduate summa cum laude and throw a party so big that it actually becomes quantifiably measurable on the Richter scale. Imagine every moment of your special day being captured, shared on instagram, twitter and whatsapp, printed on demand.

Imagine not ever missing a moment. This is the power of the MiniRocket.

Due to popular demand of the BrandRocket, South Africa’s first Hashtag printing kiosk, we have decided to launch our very own wedding instabooth. The compact yet powerful MiniRocket in its simplest form is a pop up hashtag printer ideal for weddings and other small celebrations, which allows you to capture precious moments, share them and have your very own Polaroid print-out instantly.

Designed with a sleek appeal and with convenience in mind we decided to launch MiniRocket in Cape Town South Africa. MiniRocket can be rented out for a minimum of 3 hours for R1199.00 ex VAT per hour. It even comes with its very own pilot who assists guests throughout the duration of the event. Let’s consider your pilot Maverick to our Goose. – Top Gun reference 😉

We believe that if MiniRocket could speak it would be probably sound something like Neil Armstrong looking back at the earth from the Moon in July 1969 as he said, ‘’I didn’t feel like a giant, I felt very very small’’ Just like Neil Armstrong’s historical career at NASA, the MiniRocket is here to change the event industry as we know it.

SNAP. HASHTAG. SELECT. PRINT it’s the simple.

Order your very own MiniRocket for your next event TODAY.